Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil or Not?

Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil: Is It The Best Fish Oil Supplement in The World?

I first came across XtendLife (and Xtend Life’s fish oil products) in 2004.

A doctor friend of mine told me about them and about their product line. I was a little skeptical at first but was soon won over.

I discovered that their products are all made in cGMP-compliant facilities, exceeding standards that even the USFDA requires. (The cGMP stands for current Good Manufacturing Practices.)

This is important as cGMP are the current Good Manufacturing Practices that are required by the pharmaceutical and biotech firms so as to ensure that their drug products that produced meet specific requirements for identification of ingredients, strength, quality and purity of ingredients.

Most supplement companies do not follow that rigorous standard as it is usually too expensive to do so.

X tend Life has amazingly rigorous standards. Let me go over it now as you will see that they are uncomprising when it comes to quality.

The Production and Testing Process

The following are the steps and processes Xtend Life takes with tablets, and a similar process with their fish oil soft gels, to ensure that the quality of products produced are unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in the world. Similar processes are taken with their liquid fish oil soft gels supplement.

Here are the steps.

Step 1.   Raw Ingredients
Step 2.   The Quarantine Process
Step 3.   The Weighing Process
Step 4.   The Blending/Mixing Process
Step 5.   The Granulation Process
Step 6.   The Tableting Process
Step 7.   Friability and Disintegration Testing
Step 8.   Enteric Coating Process
Step 9.   More Disintegration Testing
Step 10.  Microbiological Testing

You can read about the steps by clicking on the preceding links. As you will see, the certification process is detailed and exacting.

How to Determine The Best Fish Oil

Cold-water fish have much higher concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids than do warm water fish. This is desirable for the source fish meat for the fish oil supplement creation.  This is problematic as the fish oil is very sensitive and spoils easily.

This problem is worsened by the fact that of heavy ocean water contamination.

While fish oil is rich in EPA and DHA, it is also often toxic with metals like dioxins, PCBs, and mercury in it! Incidentally, this is why the U.S. FDA recommends a limited intake of fish Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil or Not?to twice weekly.

Xtend-Life’s product has the following chief characteristics:

  • The fish oil should be pharmaceutical-grade-type quality fish oil. Molecular distillation separates the heavy metals from the healthy fish. Xtend Life molecularly distills all their fish oil, of course. What is molecular distillation? Once the oils have been processed, molecular distillation means the oils are placed in centrifugal force machines that separate the toxic metals from the fish oils. This is vitally important. If a fish oil product isn’t molecularly distilled, chances of its purity are remote at best.
  • The cleaner the ocean waters, which have been increasingly polluted with industrial pollutants worldwide, the better.
  • Xtend Life’s product has a proprietary method of ensuring absolute purity of fish oil as well as ensuring or encapsulating the nutrients found in the fish oil. As it’s a proprietary technology, no other supplement maker has this technology.

Again, only one company meets these criteria — Xtend Life. While there is no such thing as pharmaceutical grade fish oil, a term made up by marketers hoping to frame the sales conversation, it does mean that these omega 3 capsules are produced at pharmaceutical GMP compliant and certified manufacturing facilities.

In other words, these are the exact same standards prescription drugs are required to undergo in the U.S. as mandated by the FDA.

While obtaining pharmaceutical GMP compliant supplements is important with all dietary supplements, it is especially important with fish oil tablets or omega 3 capsules as the risk of contamination is so pronounced and as the fish oil from the fish meat can degrade so quickly.

Take a look at this Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a recent batch of fish oil as judged by the rigorous standards of the Council of Responsible Nutrition, the European Pharmacopoeia and the Norwegian Medicinal Standard:

Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil or Not?

Notice how Xtend Life fish oil exceeds the standards set by these organizations and regulations by in one case 10x! Now you can see one of the reasons why I consider Xtend Life fish oil the best fish oil.

There’s something to be said for the sourcing of the fish oil. I’ve discussed the importance of molecular distillation and of obtaining only pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements. These two criteria offer substantial safety as to the purity of the fish oil supplements, but there is another level of protection: The sourcing of the fish used for creating the fish oil supplements.

Xtend Life’s fish oil product utilizes only deep, cold-water fish called Hoki that are found off the Southern ocean of New Zealand and cold-water tuna found in the south Pacific. That is important to know.

How To Determine The Best Fish Oil Supplement, Part II

Let’s see how Xtend Life fish oil compares to the main popular industry brands in this $600 million dollar a year business.

Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil or Not?

As you can see, Xtend Life’s product crushes the competition. It’s not only the purest and best fish oil but it’s the least expensive as well. It has superior amounts of DHA, and per capsule. One would think that a product made with such exacting and rigorous manufacturing standards would be very, very expensive, but it isn’t. It’s the least expensive among its chief competition.

Lastly, it’s important to know what you’ll be getting in your bottle of the company’s fish oil.

Here is the label of the bottle along with its listing of products. Note in the left-hand corner how there is no batch number, manufactured or use by date. That’s because each bottle is given its own Certificate of Analysis (COA) certifying the ingredients and their composition for the batch they are a part of.

Should I Buy Xtend Life Fish Oil or Not?


I hope you can now see why I consider Xtend Life product the best fish oil nutritional supplement in the world.

It’s made with exacting pharmaceutical-grade-like quality with two purifying process, one of which is entirely proprietary, with the best cold-water fish from the most pristine waters in the world, with certified purity of source and nutrients, and it’s the least expensive product available.

I hope you found this fish oil product supplement page worthwhile.

So, enough said, if you want to buy Xtend Life fish oil, click here.

Yours in health,