Review of Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex Multivitamin

Is It The Best Multivitamins Product on The Market? Read This Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex Review to Find Out

Welcome to this Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex review web page. Total Balance is Xtend-Life’s flagship product and essentially launched their company.

Xtend-Life seems very proud of their product. They claim it is more accurately called a “nutraceutical” due to the rigorous manufacturing and ingredient certification standards it meets.

Let’s Get Into The Review

The first step is the product-creation guidelines. Xtend-Life says before a product is released, it is clinically designed for maximum bio-availability and assimilation.

Once that is certified, Xtend-Life buys their product ingredients ensuring they are a very high- and pure-grade with third-party independent laboratory testing and certification. They work with at least three laboratories that I could uncover, Alkemists Laboratories, Cawthorn Institute and AsureQuality in New Zealand.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is then created, whick confirms the potency of each batch of raw ingredients.

The next step is that the tablets are made in Xtend-Life’s own manufacturing facility. Some of the unique things Xtend-Life does is that they utilize pharmaceutical blending not traditional paddle/ribbon blender-type mixers. This is what typical supplement or vitamin companies will do, actually.

The end result of all this quality control is that they produce multi-vitamins that are cGMP-compliant and exceedingly high-grade quality.

What Makes XtendLife Total Balance Unisex Different?

We’ve already briefly talked about a few of the differences but let’s go into some more depth.

Besides the fact that Total Balance Unisex is a very high-grade multi-vitamin, there are some differences between the Total Balance Unisex and the premium version. If you go to this page on their site, you’ll see a good comparison.

Let me give the highlights. The Total Balance Unisex version doesn’t have male or female balancing ingredients in it, nor is there prostate support ingredients either.

There is a difference in the ingredients when compared side by side as well. Most notably Total Balance Unisex is missing some amino acids like L-Cysteine, L-Glutamine and L-Histidine HCL.

It’s also missing other herbal extracts when compared to the premium version including ginger, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, pine bark and red clover extracts. (You can see it here.)

The 30-day cost is lesser than the premium version as well. The “plain” Total Balance Unisex is $52.00 while the Total Balance Unisex Premium is $45.00.

It seems odd that the premium version is less expensive as it’s a superior product but it is.

Consumer Reviews & Testimonials — What Others Are Saying

The Total Balance formula has been well accepted by the marketplace and this unisex version is well accepted as well. Here are a few testimonials I found on their site.

I recently purchased Total Balance, and was considering additional Selenium supplementation, but obviously it’s not necessary. I really appreciate your follow up. You have just gained me as a regular customer. This is the type of customer service I used to get from … 25 years ago before it got bigger – please don’t change!
Gary, Switzerland

By the way, I referred the product to my 85 year old father and after several months of use his grey hair turned black again! He also feels great. Thank you.
Frank, USA

Thanks a million!
Todd, Korea

My daughter was really impressed. When I got home last night, she told me I had a message from someone in New Zealand wanting to know if I wanted my vitamins. This time, the answer is YES!! Thank you so much for calling. That was DEFINITELY above and beyond the call of duty – but that’s not strange at all for Xtend-Life. I have ALWAYS only received absolutely exemplary customer service. Besides, I’ve NEVER dealt with any company where I was able to ask questions DIRECTLY to the Chairman of the Board and actually have him answer me. He didn’t even tell me he was the COB. I found out ‘accidently’ when I was looking for something else on the website. Thanks again for all your kindness. I can’t wait to get my shipment. I have noticed a definite difference all these months without them.
Deidre, USA

How Much Does It Cost?

One bottle comes with 120 enteric-coated tablets and sells for $52.00 USD. (The premium version is $45.00. You can check it out the premium version here.)

Does Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex Have a Guarantee?

Yes, it does. All of Xtend-Life’s products come with a one-year guarantee. If you’re not happy with it in anyway, they’ll either issue a refund or give you a product replacement — it’s your choice.

They have one of the better guarantees I’ve ever seen for a supplement company and to offer such a guarantee is quite out of the ordinary.

In an age of constant IT (information technology) threats from hackers and the proliferation of viruses, trojans and other “malware,” Xtend-Life seems serious about their IT security protocols. They’ve implemented an EV-SSL encryption protocol to keep hackers at bay. (Having worked for two IT security companies, I can tell you that at worst, this is very adequate.)

Plus, their IT security protocols are tested daily by McAfee Secure, a popular standard for online transactions.

They also have qualified for (and bought) a TRUSTe Safe Shopping certificate, which certificate validates Xtend-Life’s Privacy Policy and website in the handling of your personal and credit card information.

Are There Any Customer Complaints; What Are The Negatives?

No honest review of the multivitamin Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex product would be complete without discussing its negatives.

As mentioned, the Total Balance formula line is Xtend-Life’s flagship product. By all appearances it has become very popular in the marketplace since its launch in the early 1999 time period.

While the Total Balance multi-vitamin product line is well accepted by its customers, the main sticking point I can find is that a lot of people, including customers even, think it’s too expensive.

Xtend-Life counters that saying their products are made with pure-grade quality ingredients that are certified as pure and that the products are made in cGMP-compliant facilities.

(The term “cGMP” means current Good Manufacturing Practices. This is the highest standard possible.)

Xtend-Life also says they could actually charge more but they don’t. They say that when their products are compared to the costs of pharmaceutical drugs, they are clearly much less expensive AND that their various products do not have side effects.

They also are now essentially framing their products as pharmaceutical drug alternatives in their various product and ailment categories. Pharmaceutical drugs, as you probably know, are very expensive.

Xtend-Life says that their products are legitimate alternatives that actually give desired health benefits without dreaded side effects that pharmaceutical drugs are notorious for.

When thus compared, Xtend-Life affirms that their products are a lot less expensive than they could be.

At the end of the day, the company says you get more value for your money than if you bought other products.

(By the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been taking their supplements, including Total Balance, since May 2004.)

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can get a lot of Total Balance Unisex product information here including clinical studies, customer testimonials, and other core product info as well.

Let me make one important point: If you’re looking for the best multivitamin for men or the best multivitamin for women, the unisex version is an option, but those formulas are designed specifically for their gender. The unisex version is not.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life only sells their products direct to the customer via their website. You can buy Total Balance Unisex here.

I hope this review of the Xtend-Life Total Balance Unisex multivitamin has been helpful to you.

Yours in health,