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Is The Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Product The Best Multivitamin for Men on The Market? 

A High-Grade MultiVitamin That May Help Male Issues Like Prostate Health, Improve The Sex Drive, and Slow Down Aging BUT Is It The Best Vitamin Brand?

by Glenn Reschke

Welcome to this review of the Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s multivitamin supplement product.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been using this Total Balance formula line since May 2004 but feel I can give you a good, non-partisan overview -- and review -- of its pluses and minuses.

The purported benefits of Total Balance are as follows:

  • Provides prostate health support, which gives you a whole range of benefits including the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy, not having to urinate numerous times in the early morning hours, not having to urinate all the time, etc.
  • Helps increase testosterone levels, which helps to increase your libido or sex drive.
  • Provides powerful antioxidants that help deter aging.
  • Helps slow down the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. This means you will look younger.
  • Helps to enhance general overall health.
  • Helps to deter cancer development and other degenerative diseases.
  • Gives you the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutritional co-factors your body literally needs to operate properly.

Those are bold claims to be sure. How are they able to do it? Xtend-Life says their multi-vitamins areReview of Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's not standard, run-of-the-mill vitamins that you’d find in your local grocery store. In fact, they say their multi-vitamins are a very pure-grade quality.

The first step in the creation of their Total Balance Men’s multi-vitamin is the sourcing of the ingredients. Xtend-Life says that they only buy the highest quality raw nutrients.

These raw nutrients are then sent to an independent laboratory where the high-grade quality ingredients are tested in cGMP-compliant facilities like Alkemists Laboratories or Cawthorn, which are two of the laboratories Xtend-Life actually uses.

Once the ingredients are verified as to purity and efficacy by third-party laboratories, Xtend-Life performs its own review so that the ingredients pass a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This confirms the potency of each batch and validates the raw ingredients' purity

Then, the ingredients are created in their own cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility. This is the highest standard possible. Even the manufacturing is unique. Xtend-Life uses pharmaceutical blending not paddle/ribbon blender-type mixers common to most other vitamin manufacturers.

The end process is especially noteworthy as Xtend-Life has all final tablets encoated with an enteric coating, the same kind of coating you find with pharmaceutical drugs. What does this do for you? Enteric coating preservers the sensitive nutrients while they're in the stomach from being destroyed.

When the nutrients pass into the duodenum (the upper intestine), they are then released into the bloodstream where they can go to work.

This is why Xtend-Life guarantees that 80% of a dose will be assimilated by your body and not eliminated through urination the way most vitamins are.

This means that you will derive all the benefits the high-grade pure nutrients can give.

They manufacture according to FDA rules and they use some test methods are in the British Pharmacopeia, which are isolated to testing some elements like the enteric coating.

This is pretty impressive for a vitamin supplement manufacturer.

An independent lab I came across said they tested around 70 different multi-vitamin products. They ranked the Total Balance formula line at number one. Another reviewer that I personally know ranked them as number one as well.

Consumer Reviews & Testimonials

The Total Balance formula is Xtend-Life’s flagship product. It is really what gave the company its start. It has been widely accepted and lauded by its customer base as well.

Accordingly, here are a few published testimonials.

I am now 57. Your supplements have made possible the following measurable differences.... A Pulmonary Function Test at the hospital in February 2003 (before using Xtend-Life products) showed a 45% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. A 10% increase indicates asthma. I was prescribed a puffer to be used for the rest of my life and told that I would never get my lung capacity back.I began using Xtend-Life Total Balance Men's Premium, and Omega 3/DHA in December 2003. In February 2005 after using your products for 14 months, a follow up Pulmonary Function Test showed only a 15% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. My Doctor was surprised with such a reversal of an irreversible condition....
Steve W., Canada

Thank you for such great value on your I have written several articles on daily vitamins, I've come to really appreciate just how complete Total Balance is....
David, USA

"....I have been taking Male Rejuvenator and Total Balance. For the first 2 days I felt very 'hot', especially around the throat. I thought of reducing the dosage, but never did. I am 58 and thought it could be my body responding/reacting to the benefits of the supplement.

For the last few days I have continued to consume the recommended body now feels better, light and sharp and I could sleep well, waking up in the morning without feeling tired and lethargic. I hope the feeling persists.
Anthony, USA

How Much Is It?

One bottle of 120 enteric-coated tablets sells for $52.00 USD.

Does It Have a Guarantee?

Yes, it does. Xtend-Life offers a one-year guarantee on all its products. If the customer is not happy with it, they can either get a full refund or get the product replaced.

Any Customer Complaints?

No self-respecting review of the popular Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s product would be complete without discussing the product negatives.

The product itself doesn’t seem to be the problem. It’s well received in the marketplace and among its customers.

The complaints are about its price. Many think Total Balance Men’s is too expensive along with the entire Total Balance line. (There are five Total Balance options, the men's premium, the woman's, the woman's premium, and two unisex options.)

Xtend-Life counters that by emphasizing the rigorous quality standards by which the product is made could make the Total Balace line significantly more expensive as it's a product that is a very, very pure- and high-grade quality multi-vitamin.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Xtend-Life offers an abundance of clinical studies, ingredient information, as well as an overview of their manufacturing processes on their site. You can get more info here.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life only sells their products direct to the customer via their website. You can buy it here.

I hope this review of the Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s product has been helpful.

Yours in health,

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