Review of Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium

Is The XtendLife Total Balance Men’s Premium Supplement Product The Best Multivitamin for Men on The Market Today?

Welcome to this review of the XtendLife Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin product page.

Many have considered what is the best multivitamins product for men. I’m hoping this review can help you in that search.

To get right to it, does this product work? It’s certainly garnered a strong following and the testimonials are quite laudatory. If there is one product Xtend-Life wants to do well, it is its Total Balance line.

In this short vitamin review page, I want to go over the health benefits this multi-vitamin product is purported to give. In the interest of full disclosure, I myself am a customer of this very product. (I’ve been using Total Balance since May 2004.)

So, I feel I can give you some good information that perhaps will be helpful to you outside of other research

Total Balance Men’s Premium — Designed for Men

This “premium” version is designed bio-chemically just for men. As a male, that’s important to me.

Some specific health benefits are important to me like prostate health, a general feeling of well being, libido, antioxidant capabilities that help slow down aging, etc.

Most multi-vitamins have vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and co-factor trace elements in them. That’s good.

Conversely, the Total Balance Men’s Premium version has vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, anti-glycation agents, neuro-nutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, methylation agents, adaptogens, calorie restriction mimetics, nutritional co-factors and herbal extracts.

It has 99 active ingredients that comprise the best of western medicine and alternative herbal medicine. So, what does this all mean for you? It means you are getting vital nutrition at the cellular level. (A picture of what the product looks like is to the left of this paragraph.)

The antioxidants, anti-glycation agents, adaptogens, methylation agents and inflammation nutrients specifically target all areas of aging.

This is why XtendLife says the health benefits purported in their testimonials are so diverse and wide ranging including enhanced prostate health, improved libido and sexual performance, improved sleep and rest, improved brain functionality, eye health (it actually has five ingredients specifically for eye health), etc.

How Is Total Balance Made?

The manufacturing process the Total Balance product undergoes is quite out of the ordinary by conventional standards.

First, the raw ingredients the tablets are made out of certified pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients as certified by an independent third-party laboratory. Once that’s done, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is made confirming the ingredient batch’s purity.

The batch number is even imprinted on the label itself. (Xtend-Life says each batch is filed and can be retrieved at any time.)

The ingredients are then made with what Xtend-Life says are superior manufacturing processes that equal pharmaceutical-drug quality. One of the things they do is utilize a pharmaceutical blending process that blends the ingredients evenly versus using the more traditional paddle/ribbon blender-type mixers that run-of-the-mill vitamin manufacturers make use of.

This manufacturing itself is done in Xtend-Life’s own certified cGMP-compliant facilities. They also use FDA rules with their manufacturing process.

Once the tablets are made, the encapsulation process is initiated. Xtend-Life encapsulates their Total Balance multi-vitamin in enteric coating as well. There are two things that are noteworthy here.

This enteric coating is the same kind you get with pharmaceutical or most prescription drugs as it preserves the nutrients in the harsh environment of the human stomach. (The graphic image to the left is an actual photograph of the Total Balance enteric-coated tablets.)

The coating is an inert substance that causes no biological harm and is passed through normal toilet processes.

It is also a state-of-the-art delivery system that is very expensive, Xtend-Life maintains. It’s why only pharmaceutical drugs usually have it.

The enteric coating preserves the sensitive nutrients like SAMe and Glutathione from being destroyed by stomach acids. Moreover, the coating preserves the nutrients until they pass into the duodenum or upper intestine where they are then released into the bloodstream.

This is a departure from “normal” vitamin companies. How this benefits you the consumer is that the high-grade nutrients are passed into your blood and go to work improving your health in the ways mentioned instead of being eliminated through urination.

This enteric coating is so important to the overall success of the product as to what it does for the male body that Xtend-Life says 80% of the 99 nutrients in the tablet will be assimilated.

Consumer Reviews & Testimonials

Total Balance is a very well accepted product and sells well. Xtend-Life says they’ve only published a small portion of the testimonials they’ve received on the product. Here are a few below taken from their website.

I have been taking Total Balance Men’s 3 x a day, Neuro-Natural General 3 x a day and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil 2 x a day for the past week and a half….…I’ve had ADD and allergies for as long as I can remember, especially after the age of 8/9. I’m 20 now. In the short time I’ve been taking your products my ADD and allergy symptoms have diminished quickly…..I know your products are working because I’ve been taking prescription medications to treat my symptoms for over a decade…..As soon as I took your products I quit taking my prescriptions cold turkey. In less than a day I noticed that my ADD was virtually gone, I sleep better, I have more energy and my allergies are reduced as well. The disappearance of my allergies is a huge difference because spring is here and allergies have hit my region and I’m virtually unaffected.
William, USA

I am now 57. Your supplements have made possible the following measurable differences…. A Pulmonary Function Test at the hospital in February 2003 (before using Xtend-Life products) showed a 45% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. A 10% increase indicates asthma. I was prescribed a puffer to be used for the rest of my life and told that I would never get my lung capacity back.

I began using Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium, and Omega 3/DHA in December 2003. In February 2005 after using your products for 14 months, a follow up Pulmonary Function Test showed only a 15% increase in lung capacity after using Ventolin. My Doctor was surprised with such a reversal of an irreversible condition….
Steve W, Canada

Just to tell you I placed a new order today for the Total Balance. I have now used it for 3 weeks, and I can tell you that it really gives a lot of energy. I use it before I go to the gym, and I really feel the difference, I replaced the Double X from Amway, and TB is definitely better. Besides, the craving for sweet is totally gone, my body feels satisfied. So thank you very much for your product.
Arild O, Dominican Republic

Does The Total Balance Men’s Premium Product Have a Guarantee?

Yes, it does. Xtend-Life offers a one-year guarantee on all their products including Total Balance Men’s Premium. If you are not entirely satisfied with it, you can get either a full refund or a product replacement.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

One bottle sells for $51.50. In each bottle comes 105 enteric-coated tablets. You can buy it