Review of Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium

Xtend-Life Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium Supplement Review

Welcome to this review of the Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium product webpage.

Based upon numerous clinical studies conducted all over the world, proper fish oil supplementation is one of the very best things you can do for your health.

The health benefits of fish oil supplements, provided it is properly sourced, preserved and molecularly distilled, are among the most impressive of any superfood in the world including goji berries, ginseng, cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric, and bee pollen.

This is a short list of its health benefits:

  • May help prevent cancer, including prostate cancer. The chances of you and I getting cancer have never been higher.
  • Cardiovascular health. This one health benefit alone merits taking a second look at fish oil supplements. It can prevent clotting (thrombosis), reduce heart irregularities, lower blood triglycerides (blood fats), lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.
  • May help mitigate diabetes.
  • May help provide female-specific health benefits.
  • May help minimize Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Immune System. The key to anti-aging and fighting off disease is powerful antioxidant activity and strengthening the immune system. Fish oil does that.
  • May help skin health.
  • Visual Function. If you are approaching your early 40s, or even if you’re not, fish oil supplements can help improve eye health.

What About Purity of Product?

If you look at the graph below comparing the fish oil-purity standards below, you can plainly see that Xtend-Life asserts that their their fish oil version all exceed standards laid down by various international organizations.

(The “private company’s standards” are Xtend-Life’s standards. I modified this graphic myself in Adobe Photoshop to show it was a company whose standards were here a couple of years ago but it’s still applicable.)


In addition, Xtend-Life says for each batch of their sourced fish oil from which their fish oil supplements are made, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is created and filed, confirming the potency of each batch.

Other ingredients such as lycopene and astaxanthin are verified by third-party laboratories for their purity and nutritional valence, thus meeting the standard of high-grade quality ingredients as they are tested in cGMP-compliant facilities.

Before the fish oil is added to the other ingredients, it’s molecularly distilled, which purifies it, thus removing any contaminants. This is expensive and some fish oil supplement manufacturers don’t do this.

The fish oil and the related ingredients are then formulated into soft gels and bottled in Xtend-Life’s own cGMP-compliant facilities — this is the highest standard possible.

From all appearances, Xtend-Life is very serious about the purity and quality of their products.

What Are The Ingredients?

This fish oil supplement is made from tuna and New Zealand hoki fish. The hoki is indigenous to the ocean waters of New Zealand, which waters are considered to be among the most pristine in the world.

The specific ingredients in the supplement, though, are:

  • Fish oil from tuna and the hoki fish
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Omega 9 fatty acids
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
  • DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid)
  • Lycopene
  • Astaxanthin

The last two ingredients are what distinguish it from their basic Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil product. Lycopene offers many documented health benefits including the helping to prevent atherosclerosis, cancer, prostate cancer and asthma while astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant.

Consumer Reviews & Testimonials — What Others Are Saying

This premium version is still relatively new so it seems to be still growing in popularity. Xtendlife customers, though, seem to believe they produce the best fish oil supplement on the market.

Accordingly, here are some very compelling testimonials that Xtend-Life has published. Here are a few:

I have been truly impressed with my last pack of Omega 3 Premium I ordered. I can honestly say that I feel my memory has improved!! Thanks.
Priscilla R., New Zealand June 2nd, 2010

Through my experience with your skincare range [of products], I decided to give the supplements a go and consulted with Jo Machin for assistance as I have had multiple ongoing health issues since 18 [years of age]. I suffer from Carcinoid Syndrome (corrected through surgery), HIV+ (18 years+), 6 x Heart By-pass (atheroschlerosis), Kidney Transplant. One month ago I started on Omega 3 Premium, Total Balance (the men’s option), Cardio-Klenz and within two weeks the swelling in my ankles has completely dissapeared as has most of the inflammatory complaints that I suffered. I feel so much more energized and have commenced an light weight exercise routine at the gym and swimming again, I have not done this for about 10 years due to feeling constantly ill. I keep my doctors informed about what I am taking in addition to their medications and have yet to have some follow-up blood work done to confirm improvement in blood pressure and blood count etc. I feel so much better and look forward to ongoing improvement as the months/years go by, thanks for your innovative and cutting-edge products.
Mark W., Australia March 14th, 2010

First off I wanted to thank you for such awesome products and caring about quality! This is also very important to me! I have almost finished my first bottle of the Omega Premium and am excited to receive my next! I look forward to hearing back from you and having my product on its way. Thanks so much!
Stacey B., USA March 9th, 2010

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

One bottle of Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium sells for $20.45 USD. That will give you 60 soft gels, which is essentially a month’s supply.

Is There a Product Guarantee?

Yes, there is. Xtend-Life offers a full one-year, product-satisfaction guarantee.

Any Customer Complaints?

No self-respecting review of the Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium product would be complete without discussing the product negatives. The fish oil supplement line that Xtend-Life offers is very well received (they offer three versions).

The negative I would like to mention is that the fish burp still happens although not as bad as with earlier product iterations. I’m willing to personally bear that given the health benefits but if you’re not aware of it, it may be a surprise.

By the way, this is the more expensive fish oil product from Xtend-Life.


Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life only sells their supplements direct via their website.

You can buy it here.

I hope this review of the Xtend-Life’s Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Premium product was helpful to you.

Yours in health,