Review of Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator

An Unbiased Review of The Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator Supplement Product

Welcome to this Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator review webpage.

The Female Rejuvenator product is one of the few Xtend-Life products I’ve never used as I’m a male! (I use the male-specific version called Male Rejuvenator.)

However, I feel I can give you a good overview in this non-biased review as to product ingredients, quality, customer service, etc. as I’ve been using Xtend-Life’s products since May 2004.

Let’s now discuss this product.

The Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator product is designed specifically for optimizing feminine health. It is made with pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients that are not only clinically proven to work, Xtend-Life says, but are also tested and verified in independent, third-party cGMP-compliant laboratories like Alkemists Laboratories in Costa Mesa, California in the United States.

What this gives the user is highly bio-available nutrients that can help target the most common female reproductive problems like PMS.

Xtend-Life says that the product helps actually either prevent or relieve PMS symptoms while restoring hormone balance.

The next result to you is that you are better able to emotionally cope with menopausal experiences; it helps to limit the severity and frequency of mood swings, which gives you — and those around you — more serenity.

The company says that Female Rejuvenator doesn’t just help older women, it is designed to help younger women too. The product also helps increase sexual desire, intensity and sensitivity, which is something that may be important to women.

Users have reported it increases fertility as well and has been instrumental in enhancing the possibility of conception.

Quality-Control Information

What has made Female Rejuvenator such a successful product? A lot of it has to do with how it’s made. All of Xtend-Life’s supplement products are made in cGMP-compliant facilities, the highest standard possible.

As mentioned, all of their product ingredients are remarkable hi-grade quality and are verified in laboratories. Their in-house manufacture of the supplements is noteworthy as well as their usage of pharmaceutical blending not paddle/ribbon, blender-type mixers the way most vitamin companies do. This ensures you uniformity of ingredient dispersion.

Xtend-Life asserts that their product actually meets British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical drug standards for their extraction processes.

Why does this help you? It ensures you get a quality, bio-available or assimilable, supplement that actually can significantly help your female-specific issues without side effects.

Consumer Reviews & Testimonials

Xtend-Life Female Rejuvenator is well received by the Xtend-Life customer faithful. Below are a few testimonials.

I wanted to post a message on the amazing qualities of your Total Balance Womens Premium along with Female Rejuvinater. My husband and I have been taking these supplements for a good year now and when I ran out of my Womens Total Balance about a month ago I thought until my new order arrived I would use the Mens Premium in which I did but my husbands was also very low and we ran out of both.

Well I need to let you know that for three weeks I had such severe hot flashes both day and night. This “hot flash” thing was new to me cuz I had never experienced them before even though at 49 years of age my cycle is now starting to become erratic. I’d say I am now very premenapausal! I told my husband that the hot flashes began when I ran out of the Womens Total Balance, he said we’ll see once our order arrived and I was back to taking them again. I need to say that these supplements are amazing because within four days I have only one or two flashes a day.

I am amazed and so is my husband because I wasn’t sleeping due to sweating and throwing off the blanket in which kept my husband awake also, now I am back to sleeping very well and feeling rested when I wake. I sure hope this product works for other women like it has for me!! I thank you for the great relief!!!
Verda, USA

I started taking Female Rejuvenator about 2 weeks ago. I have had very painful menstruations for 26 years. The last one was, for the first time ever, pain free, PAIN FREE!!! I never thought that would be possible for me. I thought you might like to know this and you are more than welcome to put it on the website!
Anne, New Zealand

Thank you so much for your courteous and knowledgeable response. I always know that I can count on you to take any questions seriously. I have been so pleased with Female Rejuvenator and apparently others have notices something.

Several people at the gym I attend have asked if I was taking anything. I told them “Yes, I am taking Female Rejuvenator.” I told them the website and suggested that they go there and read and study the product and decide for themselves whether it would be good for them. They did and 4 or 5 people have also ordered the product. Thanks again for making a product which works and is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormone replacement.
Ms Dormuth, UK

How Much Does it Cost?

One bottle of Female Rejuvenator is $29.95 USD. Inside are 90 capsules, which is a month’s supply if you follow the company’s recommended daily dosage. If you join their loyalty program, you get automatic discounts, which can be quite substantial as well.

You can buy it here.

Does It Include a Guarantee?

Yes, it does. Xtend-Life offers a one-year product guarantee. If you are not satisifed with it in any way, you can either get a refund or a product replacement.

They have one of the better guarantees I’ve ever seen for a supplement company and to offer such a guarantee is quite out of the ordinary, in my experience.

In an age of constant IT (information technology) threats from hackers and the proliferation of viruses, trojans and other “malware,” Xtend-Life seems serious about their IT security protocols. They’ve implemented an EV-SSL encryption protocol to keep hackers at bay. (Having worked for two IT security companies, I can tell you that at worst, this is very adequate.)

Plus, their IT security protocols are tested daily by McAfee Secure, a popular standard for online transactions.

They also have qualified for (and bought) a TRUSTe Safe Shopping certificate, which certificate validates Xtend-Life’s Privacy Policy and website in the handling of your personal and credit card information.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Yes and no. Xtend-Life offers free shipping anywhere in the world for orders totalling $60 USD or more. For orders under the $60 benchmark, you’ll pay a flat fee of $6.50.

Any Customer Complaints?

No review of the Female Rejuvenator product would be complete without discussing its negatives. Female Rejuvenator doesn’t have any functionality or product complaints. The complaints about it, as well as most of Xtend-Life’s supplement line, is about its price point.

Xtend-Life says in response that their product ingredients are very pure grade quality and are tested, verified and made in cGMP-compliant facilities (“cGMP” means current Good Manufacturing Practices).

They also assert that their products meet FDA rules and British Pharmacopoeia  standards wtih some extraction process, a rare accomplishment for a supplement company.

Where Can I Buy Female Rejuvenator?

Xtend-Life only sells their products online direct from their website; they are not available in stores.

You can buy Female Rejuvenator here.

I hope this Female Rejuvenator review has been helpful to you.

Yours in health,