Psyllium Fiber — The Best Digestive Supplement?

Why Psyllium Fiber Herb Is So Good For Your All-Important Intestinal Tract

Psyllium comes from psyllium seeds harvested from Plantago Psyllium better known as plantain.

Don’t confuse the banana-like fruit of the same common name or with the plantain herb.

This herb has been used thousands of years and even in the Middle Ages, Arab doctors recommended psyllium fiber for relief of constipation.

Psyllium is one of the very best nutritional aids you can take for your intestinal health. It’s incredible, in fact.

While it positively helps our health in many ways, its capability to expel toxins from the colon and its natural laxative capability marks it as one of the best dietary supplements for your intestinal health there is.

It is basically a bulk-forming laxative but unlike many laxatives, this supplement actually is soothing and healing to the intestinal tract.

Make no mistake about it — colon health is probably one of, if not the most neglected aspect of our health. As the Western diet is high in fat, condensed calories, and processed foods, many people don’t have healthy digestive systems. A psyllium dietary fiber supplement can help remedy that.

How Does Psyllium Fiber Work?

Psyllium comes in two prominent forms, psyllium capsules and as a powder. Where does psyllium husks come from? Psyllium seed or husks is a soluble fiber that is derived from the husks of a seed grain.

It is highly absorbable and absorbs liquid and corresponding fecal matter in the intestines to form a larger, more substantial stool. It comes in partially ground form but most often in fairly well ground form.

When taken with the herb slippery elm, a very soothing and healing herbal that also helps heal ulcers (something I can testify of), it gives the needed laxative effect without discomfort.

The herb cascara sagrada is also a natural laxative but it is highly “explosive” in nature. It is very powerful and effective it’s uncomfortable. It can also cause diarrhea. Psyllium husks or psyllium capsules by contrast, are much more gentle in their effects.

Benefits of Psyllium

The benefits of psyllium are:

  • Improves the ratio of HDL cholesterol (the good) to the LDA cholesterol (the bad)
  • Helps evacuate the bowels keeping one regular and free of constipation
  • Helps alleviate hemorrhoids if the diet is already high in fiber
  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps to prevent Crohn’s Disease (colon cancer)
  • May help with Cystitis
  • Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Help candida overgrowth syndrome


Fundamentally, psyllium seeds or husks whether taken as psyllium capsules or as a psyllium dietary fiber supplement in powder or even in graham cracker form, it is a food and nonaddictive. Taking it once a day will do no harm.

It is important, though, to take it with at minimum eight ounces of water. Generally speaking, the more water, the better the absorption properties of the psyllium husks in your intestinal tract. If you do plan on taking it daily, or even at all, please check with your doctor.

Studies have shown psyllium can make tetracycline antibiotics less effective so again, talk with your physician if this is the case.

Fundamentally, psyllium husksis food as all herbs are but eating it in a certain manner will help its medicinal properties be activated.

Here are a few tricks we’ve learned after taking psyllium husks fairly consistently for the past 24 years.

Drink it with fruit juice. To be honest with you, psyllium (as well as when combined with slippery elm) is very bland tasting. Taking it with water will probably Psyllium Fiber -- The Best Digestive Supplement?discourage you from taking it at all.

Take it as a graham cracker, which you can find in the medicine section of your grocery store.

Add a tablespoon of psyllium seed with apple sauce. Bear in mind that psyllium or psyllium dietary fiber supplements can interact with over-the-counter medications so again, consult with your doctor with any questions.

Otherwise, psyllium husks or seed is a very safe herb and has been used by tens of thousands for years. I personally have used it all my life without ever experiencing a negative effect.

I hope this psyllium web page has been useful to you.

Yours in health,