Phenytoin Side Effects

Phenytoin, also known as Dilantin and sometimes spelled as phenytion, is a well-known drug commonly prescribed to treat epilepsy.

This doctor-prescribed medication is a anticonvulsant and is many times wrongly promoted by unscruplous profiteers as a memory enhancer.

One advertisement I read recently was calling it an “IQ Booster.” Yea, right.

I’m not a doctor but in my research on this, there are no studies at the present time to validate this ridiculous claim.

Don’t let your ambition for a better memory separate you from your money, which is exactly what some supplement makers want to do.

Phenytoin Side Effects

This drug, and it is an allopathic prescribed drug, is on a lot of people’s Top 10 Most Wanted List. Be aware, though, that just one phenytoin side effect is significant. So, what are the most commonly reported side effects of Phenytoin (or Phenytion as it is wrongly misspelled occasionally)?

Grab your hose and pull. Everything from severe insomnia, deadly disorders of the liver, blood, kidney problems, dark urine, nausea, constipation, vomiting, dizziness, and thryoid — even slurred speech.

(This is actually not a comprehensive list.) Also, if you’re a diabetic, it can increase your blood sugar level so you should be aware of this (your doctor should tell you this). Lastly, if you’re a nursing mother, be advised Phenytoin is a FDA pregnancy category C drug, meaning it is not known whether phenytion will be harmful to an unborn baby.

It is known that it is passed into mother’s milk so please talk to your physician about this if you want to take it. Analysis?

Avoid it like the US government avoids balancing its budget, the way you would avoid the Ebola Virus…you get the idea.

Nutritional Supplement Bible’s Recommendation

If you’re looking for a memory supplement, to spike your concentration, memory, and retention, I recommend an herb that is quite remarkable — gingko biloba. This herb is awesome. I take a dietary supplement that I suspect more and more baby boomers will be interested in with time.

This brain supplement is specifically designed for enhancing brain function. For those who want a Phenytoin substitute, who just want to proactively enhance their brain function, I recommend it. Why? Because it is pure-grade quality, produced in GMP-compliant facilities thus ensuring medical drug-like potency.

Remember, nutritional supplements are not regulated here in the US — but they are elsewhere around the world. This memory supplement was made in New Zealand whose standards are stricter than the US FDA’s. Now you know why I take it. 

Last word: If you do have a condition like epilepsy, please do see a doctor and consult with him/her as to what is bet for you.

I hope this info has been useful to you.

Yours in health, hope, and harmony,