Migraine Headache Cure

Finally, A Migraine Headache Cure That Actually Works

Welcome to this site migraine headache cure website or page.

As I wrote in the description of this website, modern-day western medicine is a great blessing to mankind. Especially with research and emergency care.

They do not, however, have all the answers. I wish they did with migraines.

I will state up front, I don’t suffer from migraines only occasionally. A family member does, though. She has been openminded to alternatives as nothing she’s tried has worked much. That’s saying something as she was a nurse for years and her husband was a gynecologist and OBGYN doctor.

Most western-trained doctors and nurses are very close minded when it comes to medicinal herbs or alternative health.

I recommended an herbal formula to her that I had learned about and even though getting the herbs was difficult, she got them and made the herbal tea.

It worked! She emailed me telling me she started getting a migraine headache and my “migraine headache cure” recommendation crossed her mind. She went to the trouble of getting the herbs so she made the tea.

The tea is, to be quite honest, very bitter tasting. It’s not pleasant. It’s not like drinking a glass of root beer but it works. This remedy that I will give in a moment comes from the experience of famed medicinal herbalist and naturopathic doctor Dr. John R. Christopher.

As my relative has sought to learn how to remove migraines from her life. Her doctor made a passing remark that perhaps she was allergic to soy. She has a lot of allergies so she thought that comment may have merit.

Right around this time, a friend of mine took me to lunch after I did a favor for him (he asked me to drive him to his doctor about 30 miles away as his car was in the shop). While chatting over lunch, he told me he had stopped eating soy and soy-based products.

He mentioned that many restaurants cook with soy oil. He mentioned that since he had gone off any soy food or soy-enhanced foods, his energy levels increased, his headaches went away and he just felt better in every way.

His girlfriend too stopped taking soy as she found out she was allergic to it. This appeared too coincidental to me but the commonalities were too prominent to ignore.

My relative’s migraines immediately stopped when she started taking the bitter migraine headache cure herbal concoction I encouraged her to check out. She took it but the taste was so bad, she didn’t want to keep taking it.

I told her about my health afficionado friend’s comments about soy and how better he has felt since he stopped eating soy. She remembered her doctor’s comment and decided it couldn’t hurt to eliminate soy from her diet. So, she stopped eating soy-based products, which is in a lot of foods.

She also discovered that a lot of restaurants cook in soy oil as it’s cheaper and cuts their costs.

The Migraine Headache Cure Herbal Concoction

Before I give you this virtually unknown herbal combination, I want to mention something.

Migraine Headache CureI have been studying medicinal herbs and alternative health material for over two decades. I am not a doctor nor do I position myself as such. I am not dispensing medical advice in this site for to do so is against the law. I’ve never done that and I never will for I’m a law-abiding citizen. This site is educational in nature. Its purpose is to educate you as to alternatives out there in your quest for a migraine headache cure.

You should definitely talk to your doctor about your migraines and the herbs recommended. I recommend that. That said, if you have an open mind, the following is an herbal cure that is a migraine headache cure you should know about. Here it is:

Migraine Headache Cure Formula

  • 1 teaspoonful of Wormwood herb (Artemisia Absinthium); Please adhere strictly to this amount. One teaspoonful is enough. More is not better in this case (see Potential Side Effects point #7 below
  • 1 teaspoonful of Culver’s root (Leptandra virginica)
  • 1/4 teaspoonful Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum minimum or Capsicum fastigiatum or Capsicum annum)

Preparation Info:

  • Steam the Wormwood and Culver’s root herbs for 20 minutes in 1 pint of hot, boiling water; cover pan or pot with a lid
  • Strain it in a large glass or bottle and stir in the cayenne pepper
  • Bottle it and put it in a cool place

Dosage Amount to Drink: Drink approximately 1 wineglass full.

Potential Side effects

  • Wormwood shouldn’t be consumed by woman who are pregnant because it could cause a miscarriage
  • Wormwood may also cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach
  • Wormwood should be taken in moderation at a minimum if you have intestinal or stomach ulcers. If you have a severe ulcer or are prone to stomach ulcers, you shouldn’t take it perhaps at all. See your doctor. Scale it back so you’re just taking a little
  • If you drink too much, it could incite a bowel movement. Regulate the amount you drink to suit your bowels.
  • I should again warn you that this three-herb concoction is a very bitter tasting concoction
  • Avoid preparations sold as Wormwood Oil. You want the foliage or leaves to prepare the tea. Nothing else
  • Wormwood oil can be dangerous if taken in a quantity large enough to produce psychoactive effects. Wormwood oil should not be taken internally in quantities larger than that which is recommended — an absolute maximum of 1 teaspoonful is what should be used for the preparation. Once it’s prepared, mixed and strained, then drinking a small wineglass is okay. You probably won’t want to take more than that anyway as the taste is very bitter. It is one of the most bitterest herbs in the plant kingdom along with rue
  • Wormwood can increase your appetite


When drinking it, hold your breath, that will help as your tastebuds are deactivated when you hold your breath. Try it and see. It does’t look weird either and it’s not chunky. It just looks like an herbal tea when it’s ready to be imbibed. It’s the taste that is distasteful.

Some take it with a teaspoon or tablespoon full of honey. I suggest taking it as is — at least at first. Once this migraine headache cure starts eliminating your migraine, then you can experiment with adding bee’s honey. Of course, if you are allergic to bee stings or bees, don’t include honey.

A side effect that is very positive is that wormwood and Culver’s root are vermicides — substances used to kill parasitic intestinal worms and parasites in general. In fact, this wormwood herb of itself is a very potent insecticide. Bugs hate wormwood! Don’t believe me? According to Dr. Oz, 90% of human beings carry around intestinal parasites!

Where to Find The Migraine Headache Cure Herbs

  • Wormwood — www.everyherbal.com/wormwood.htm — Buy the “seeds and foliage option”. You want the actual herb. If this site is unsatisfactory to you, do a Google or Bing search on this term “Buy Artemisia Absinthium” and it should produce a goodly number of companies that sell it
  • Culver’s root or Black Root — www.PennHerb.com — Phone number is 215-637-HERB (4372); specifically, you can see it here: http://www.pennherb.com/. The term “Black Root” is another term for Culver’s root. Among the names of Culver’s root are Black Root and Tall Speedwell. That can be confusing, which is why I included the Latin names
  • Cayenne Pepper — you can buy it locally, even at your local grocery store but I don’t recommend that as it’s not as fresh and is not the best cayenne. I recommend a local health food store. Look for cayenne a minimum in the 30,000 Scoville Heat Units range. 30,000 to 50,000 will be sufficient. Cayenne is great for you but it is hot. (For more info on cayenne pepper, please visit my site at CayennePepper.info.

There it is.

Yours in health,