Liquid Vitamins – Do They Work?

Liquid vitamin products have gained a lot attention among consumers, but just what are the facts?

This webpage I hope will give you the information you need regarding liquid multivitamins.

I will discuss facts on liquid supplements, absorption of such vitamins, and finally offer Nutritional’s recommendation.

One of the chief claims of these kinds of vitamins is that they have an absorption rate as high as 98% within the human system.

Another claim, which is true, is that 90% of most supplements are lost in body waste eliminated. In other words, literally 90% of most dietary supplements are flushed down the toilet as they are not assimilated by the body.

(Of the many on the market, Seasilver is probably the most popular.)

Sometimes it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

These are controversial claims and bespeak this one question: “Are these types of vitamins legitimate?” and “If they are, what are its shortcomings?”

Probably the most important question is, “Are liquid vitamin supplement products a scam?” That is the purpose of this page — to help you answer these questions.

The Facts About Liquid Supplements

Based on our research, 90% of supplements ARE lost in elimination. However, not all alternative health supplements are equal. A key point needs to be made here: There is a tremendous difference in the quality of supplements!

The vast majority of supplements are mass produced for sale in traditional grocery outlets and marketed as if they are the panacea for your nutritional needs.

The ingredients these supplements are made from are the least expensive found as well as the cheapest excipients as well. Excipients are the binding agents that keep the various ingredients in the supplement tablet together.

This is where the delivery system comes to bear. Due to the lackluster quality of the excipients, the nutrients of the tablets are released in the stomach and consequently destroyed by stomach acids. The result?

They’re excreted out either through the skin via sweat or urinated out. With the vast majority of supplements on the market today, this is what happens. Have you ever noticed after taking a supplement how your urine became a darker, richer color? That’s the nutrients being eliminated.

Now you know why. The other extreme, however, are supplement companies who produce scientifically tested, carefully crafted, using pharmaceutical-type blending to eliminate stratification, using enteric coating and the highest quality excipients.

In fact, these high-quality supplements are made with such rigid standards they are called “nutraceuticals.”

These nutraceutical supplements have a scientifically tested, biological delivery system.

In order for these type of supplements to be optimally assimilated, they should be absorbed through the lining of the walls of the upper intestine thus allowing them to enter the bloodstream where they can carry their nutrients to cells and organs.

When liquid vitamin manufacturers claim that liquid multi vitamins have superior absorption and that ALL pill or tablet supplements are not absorbed but lost as body waste — this is deliberately misleading in our view.

Truly, there is a vast difference between nutraceuticals and those sold in grocery stores.


Liquid Multi-Vitamins Product Absorption Info

As discussed earlier, manufacturers of these types of vitamins claim a 98% absorption percentage of their liquid vitamin supplements. At worst, this is deceptive. At best, it is outright fabrication.

Liquid Vitamins - Do They Work?In truth, there are only a few ways for nutrients to get into your bloodstream, injection, through the lining of the upper intestine walls, through the lining of the colon walls using suppositories, and via the mucous membranes in the mouth. Let’s briefly discuss each of these.

1.) Needle Injection. Must be performed by a qualified health professional. In the case of vitamin deficiencies, a shot of the vitamin can be administered via injection.
2.) Lining of Upper Intestine Walls. This has been previously discussed.
3.) Lining of Colon Walls Using Suppositories. Suppositories are doctor-prescribed items and not applicable to nutraceutical supplements.
4.) Mucous Membranes of The Mouth. Many pills and liquids are recommended to be taken sublingually (put underneath the tongue). While this may work for some supplements, it doesn’t work for the majority as the molecules are too big for absorption by the mucous membranes. Liquid multivitamins fall into none of these categories because they are simply not assimilated.

Nor do, for that matter, the vast majority of so-called nutritional and dietary supplements.

These types of vitamins are swallowed and then enter the stomach, never making it to the lining of the upper intestinal walls for the vast majority are destroyed by your stomach acids.

The companies who sell these liquid supplement offerings deliberately take advantage of a trusting and unsuspecting public with outlandish claims regarding their absorption.

This is simply not the case, and now you know.

Remember, evil or manipulation often sells itself by cloaking itself in the guise of the good. The more plausible, the better for people have a natural affinity for truthful-sounding claims.

Mixing truth and error is usually a very potent combination and only the most discerning are available to tell the difference.

However, I believe you the reader should have all points of view regarding various liquid supplements.


Don’t listen to the hype — they’re grossly exaggerated and simply fabricated. Liquid multi-vitamins are NOT assimilated by the body and are therefore useless to improving your health. You don’t need them.

Plus, they are often very expensive.

The editor of this site once bought these types of vitamins totaling approximately $150 for 8 bottles! Liquid vitamin products are also often sold by network marketing companies, which by its very nature are often even more expensive.

If you know anything about network marketing (a.k.a., multilevel marketing), you know that there are many levels of payout to those marketing them.

The result is that the liquid multi vitamin supplements are very expensive. There is no discernible benefit to taking liquid vitamin supplements. Don’t waste your hard-earned money.

One of the reasons for the rise in liquid vitamin popularity was not only their outlandish marketing claims but also due to the popularity of juicing. Vegetable and fruit juicing should not be confused with liquid vitamin supplementation.

Juicing is a very healthy habit for fresh, non-pasteurized fruit and vegetables are teeming with organic enzymes, vitamins and minerals. (I’ve done a number of juice fasts in my life, actually.)

To those who desire liquiduidity with your vitamin intake, buy a juicer and get your vitamins and minerals that way. Liquid vitamin supplements simply don’t compare with juicing nor with designed nutraceuticals scientifically.

I hope this review has been helpful to you in your search for safe and healthy supplements.

Yours in health,
Nutritional Supplement