Glucosamine sulphate is not well known among most people yet, but it is fast growing in popularity among nutrition enthusiasts and the fitness conscious.

Interest in it is not limited to the US for it is actually approved as a over-the-counter prescription medication for osteoarthritis in many European countries. It is less popular in the US and the UK but in time many predict it will be.

Overall, an astonishing 70 countries actually have approved this nutrient for arthritis treatment. This web page will seek to discuss what is glucosamine-sulphate, what its benefits are as well as give gluco info that may be important to your health.

Glucosamine Benefits, Research & Other Info

So, what is gluco-samine? What are its benefits? It is a substance that is a combination of a protein and a sugar that naturally occurs in our connective tissues and cartilage joints.

In addition, when it is referred to, almost all references to scientific studies about it refer to glucosamine-sulphate and its formation, not other glucosamine forms. It is usually combined with chondroitin sulphate and MSM and thus sold as a dietary supplement for arthritis problems.

While our body produces it, it can also be supplemented with out diet as well. In reality, glucosamine comes in many forms, i.e., gluco-samine hydrochloride and N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), but the one most germane to our health discussion here is gluco-samine.

Glucosamine-sulfate is the form that is best absorbed and the one that is most commonly used to help treat osteoarthritis problems.

 For osteoarthritis issues, the type of arthritis that deals with cartilage and connective tissue damage or pain versus rheumatoid arthritis that deals with inflammatory swelling essentially, gluco-samine sulfate is the one recommended by medical professionals.

It should be noted that Rheumatoid arthritis suffers report improvement with gluco-samine supplements too. Its benefits don’t appear to be limited to osteoarthritis symptoms. Osteoarthritis is believed to be due to the loss of collagen and proteoglycans. It has come to be believed that gluco-samine helps synthesize the proteoglycans that are the constituent elements of cartilage.

It is also believed to help maintain the necessary 70% water content of cartilage by actually producing a substance that helps to give further cushioning to the joint. Are all of these significant developments anecdotal? No.

One study in 2001 showed that this nutrient gluco-samine actually helped to control osteoarthritis symptoms and there was evidence that it helped reverse the disease process of itself.

In almost 20 studies done culminating in 2003, clinical researchers asserted that using glucosamine and/or chondroitin to be very effective. The study found that gluco-samine, the most assimilable kind capable of being 90% assimilable, to improve joint mobility for 1 in 5 patients.

Be advised, though, that the improvement of glucosamine supplements don’t appear until many weeks have passed of continued supplementation.

Once the benefits of the reduced symptoms occur, however, the benefits tend to stay for many consecutive weeks and even months after gluco-samine supplementation are stopped. Some other benefits are:

  1. Helps speed up the healing of strains and sprains. It is also believed that glucosamine can actually also help to prevent future injury to the joint in question.
  2. It helps promote healthy aging of the joints by giving extra cartilage production a boost.
  3. It helps to control back pain by reinforcing cartilage.
  4. It may be that it can help with intestinal tract health. However, that may be speculation as many laxatives actually use N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), not glucosamine-sulphate.

The research appears to be sound on glucosamine sulfate and show it to be safe and effective. Nevertheless, it is advised that you first consult with your doctor before beginning supplementation. Pregnant and/or nursing mothers especially should also consult with their doctor first. Also, if you are taking any current OTC medications, you should definitely talk to your doctor. Err on the side of caution.

Guidelines & Precautions

Doctors recommend taking 500 mg of glucosamine sulfate three times a day for arthritis and joint-related medical conditions. It’s also recommended it be combined with chondroitin sulfate as they seem to work synergistically well together.

Be advised it is not a miracle cure. Literally half of those taking don’t experience any benefit. Also, remember that good health is a multi-pronged approach. Improve your diet, consult with your doctor, perhaps take a good, assimilable multi-vitamin, and take medicinal herbs to help with your condition as well. Is it dangerous?

It appears to be very safe and with no reported side effects we are aware of. However, general symptoms of taking too much may be nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting. If any of these symptoms happen, consult with you doctor and/or take less. If they persist, stop taking it.

Ideally, take it with chondroitin and MSM together as these compounds work ideally together toward the accomplishment of one goal: improving and/or reducing arthritis ailments.

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