Aloe Vera Capsule

Are Aloe Vera Capsule Products Worthwhile?

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular, versatile, and capable herbal aids in the world is aloe vera.

It comes in many forms including gel, capsule, liquid, cream, and lotion. Aloe Vera is classified as a succulent perennial plant that belongs to the lily family.

It is native to Africa and Madagascar and due to its worldwide popularity, it is also now commercially grown throughout the world.

While modern man only recently discovered the therapeutic Aloe Vera Juice Benefits, it has actually been used for thousands of years as a topically applied emolient cream but it’s been consumed internally as well.

We’ll talk about Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects momentarily, but it should be pointed out that capsule versions of aloe vera have grown in popularity as well.

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Let’s talk now about the specific benefits of Aloe Vera in this Aloe Vera web page. This humble little plant has many diversified uses.

The therapeutic nutrients of Aloe Vera comes from the jelly-like, soft, and clear material that is scraped from the inner part of the leaf.

This gel was and is used as a makeshift emollient for burns, cuts, and even for psoriasis. Another nutritive substance used from the plant is aloe vera latex, which are cells that lie along the inner leaf skin.

This aloe vera nutrient is a potent laxative and is often used in capsules along with other laxative herbs, albeit milder ones, like slippery elm.

The gelly substance is also drained of juice and used as a nutritional supplement liquid vitamin drink. So, what are the specific benefits of Aloe Vera Juice? They are:

  • It soothes ad heals cuts, minor lacerations and skin irritations. The antifungal and antibacterial properties inherent in the aloe vera gel contribute to this healing capability.
  • The aloe vera gel also is a potent emollient for sunburns, even first-degree burns. Not only does it help to heal the sunburn but it actually cools the skin and offers almost immediate relief as well.
  • Limits problems stemming from psoriasis. It offers relief to those who suffer from psoriasis including itching and scabbing. It also helps to induce expedited healing, even in chronic cases.
  • Helps to relieve unwanted itching nonspecific to psoriasis.
  • Posesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help with gastrointestinal problems including flatulence, bloating, diverticular problems, even ulcers. Again, it has been shown in laboratory studies to not only facilitate such conditions but to help heal as well.

Choosing Good Aloe Vera

How do you choose quality aloe vera? Clearly, this is difficult to do, but there are guidelines, which we’ll give momentarily, with which to protect yourself. It is certainly wise to ensure you’re getting quality product for many supplement makers actually don’t even put the proclaimed ingredients on the label — really.

Not only that contamination is a problem as well. Make sure your aloe vera follows these guidelines and you’ll be safe.

  1. Avoid any supplement that has fillers, dyes, sand (silica), sugar (sucrose), or starch in them.
  2. Ideally, make sure the product was produced at GMP compliant facilities as this ensures pharmaceutical grade quality, the same quality used to make drug medications.
  3. Make sure there is a COA or certificate of analysis that certifies the ingredients on the label are in the product while simultaneously certifying there are no contaminants in the supplement batch.
  4. Ideally, avoid those products that are reconstituted aloe vera as they are not as pure. In the US, the ingredient that is the most plentiful is the first listed ingredient. If the aloe vera is not first, that is a clue the purity may be compromised.
  5. If buying a aloe vera supplement product, make sure it is combined with other nutrients so as to lessen the potent laxative capability of the plant. Why? Many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are co-dependent upon one another and optimize one another’s efficacy. We recommend, as do medically trained doctors, that you should take supplements that have other vitamins and nutrients accompanying them. For example, red clover herb is a potent blood purifier. If your supplement has it in it along with Aloe Vera, you get the cleansing properties of red clover with the soothing, healing properties of aloe vera forming a synergistic bond.
  6. If buying the juice of aloe vera, make sure it’s refrigerated.

If a company can’t meet at least point number 2 & 4, look elsewhere.

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

Long-term use of aloe vera latex is ill advised as the potential of losing large amounts of potassium and sodium can cause severe digestive cramps. If you are taking aloe vera latex products with a heart drug, be advised heart rhythm abnormalities can result.

Please check with your doctor(s) for their advice. Generally speaking, always talk to your doctor before using any kind of supplement or aid. Generally speaking, aloe vera is safe but on occasion some develop an allergic rash.

If this happens, discontinue taking it. It goes without saying that if you are pregnant you shouldn’t take any aloe vera internally without consulting with your doctor.

The children and elderly should not take aloe vera latex-based products.

Women should also avoid taking any kind of aloe vera internally during their menstrual cycle.


Aloe vera juices are world renowned for their many therapeutic benefits. Ideally, as mentioned, take your aloe vera with other nutrients (unless it’s in topical gel form). Look for a synergistic blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients along with aloe vera.

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I hope this web page has been useful to you.

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